Stay At Home Nude Makeup Look

Hello Lovessss!! AND YES AS ALWAYS, it’s good to be back for so long I haven’t updated my blog. And yeah, I’m out of words on what to say to my new content. Lol! Anyway, today’s entry is about my makeup thingy; for the first time I’m proud to share this and glad I finally achieved it!!

Oh, I’m know expert when it comes to makeup, but being in love in art I tried to apply it to myself. And you know, I’m not that confident to flaunt my talent in this thing. Just a try and boom! I’m loving the result hehe

So here the photo of my achievement 😆(echos)

I hope you’ll like it! And if you do, I will try to make a video tutorial. I also wanted to improve my video editing haha

That’s all for now loves!! Will be back soonest.


March Special

Hey loves! It’s been a long time that I updated my blog. But it’s so nice to be back and post a new entry about the happenings of my life. Hehe

This month has been remarkable as we have splendid moments in Coron, Palawan. Celebrating my son’s birthday as well as mines in a Paradise was the preeminent experience especially to Alvio and Xavia.

We all know that Coron is one of the most enchanting destinations in the Philippines. And with that, we cherished and visited the primary attractions and of course get a shot to the most photographed spots.

Photos speaks for itself!

The birthday boy ❤️
Dinner at Panget Restaurant

An early summer trip makes us feel alive! Hehe After stressing ourselves to our daily routine; from household chores to work. We all deserved a break. 😁

And that’s all for now, thanks for dropping by! I’ll be posting more next week. Stay tuned! 😘


Yellow: My Fave Summer Color

Yellow is one of the most trending color this summer. I know that you’re thinking that sunny color is hard to pull off. But working this color into your wardrobe is surprisingly easy since it looks great. In fact, it might even give some of your wardrobe staples a whole new look.

I have this yellow one piece from Zaful, as you know that Zaful has everything when it comes to trending outfits.

Please excuse my chubby body 😂 still on adjusting period since I gave birth my second child. And I don’t have time to workout at the moment as I do have a full time job. But to be honest, I’m not use to it haha And I definitely wanted to get my body back!

That’s all for now! Til next time 😘



5 Best Summer Fashion Tips You Should Know

It’s the time of the year where “beating the heat” is not an option. Beach is always the top priority when you have no other choice where to go. Of course, matching the season with outfits will seize the day. What always come to your mind is to wear bikinis. But there are a lot of options to choose from. Breezy sundresses, blouses, crop tops, skirts and other outfits matching your summer definition will never be complete without accessorizing with the help of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and blings. I will present to you the best suggestions that will definitely boost your aura.

Do not overdress

It is summer time avoid that kind of behavior. Be simple and natural at the same time blend with the natural setup. One example is going to a formal party. Of course you should be formally legit and it is one kind of overdressing. It’s not that bad. But its summer time, and mostly you are at the beach or any place under the sun. Appropriate dressing yet cozy avoids dilemma.

Accessorize and emphasize

Your fancy dress is not enough to give you glam. Simply elegant earrings, watch, necklaces, bracelets and other bling keeps you shining but of course don’t overdo. It will exaggerate you.  Sort out the best that fits you. Hype up and boost your charisma.

Avoid being picky

Be comfortable of what you wear. Don’t choose if you feel annoyed about it. The kind of attitude is a waste of time. Ask for suggestions from friends to help you out. If you dress to impress, stress should be less.

Do not rumble the ensemble

Creativity is to be considered fundamental yet sensational. If you feel that everything is mismatching, look for sources. Don’t stop and give up. Sources are unlimited. The internet is the key.

Be trendy yet feisty

Following what’s in and bypass what’s out is a routine. Don’t copy and instead improve your own. A lot will look up unto you as an example if you set your goals differently. A strong intuition will keep you on track.

The glam that you feel has something to do with your outfit. Its differences set your mood exceptionally. Preferably choosing your ensemble has to be conceptualized. What you wear has an impact to your surroundings. One of the most important thing to remember is to be who you are and not to be bothered by other’s opinion. Let’s not forget about it.

Blackheads Remover Review from Gearbest

Whiteheads/blackheads are my main problem on my face. I have to spend much for my regular facial treatment and facial scrub or face cream that closes the pores to minimize the whiteheads/blackheads. I never think that there’s a way to remove those by yourself with this rechargeable whiteheads/blackheads remover from

At first try, I used it with extra pressure which my face got a dark red mark. I was little confuse on how to use it properly to remove all of these dirt or dead skin. So I tried it in a lower pressure and it works without living a mark! Hahaha I’m just being paranoid and too eager to remove them all in an instant. 🤣

Before do the procedure I washed my face first with Jeju Volcanic Lava from the faceshop, then check where is the most affected area and start removing whiteheads/blackheads. Since I used this product, I found out that I don’t need to spend much to properly get rid of blackheads effortlessly. So by then, I do my regular facial treatment every other 3 months instead of every month. I saved a lot!

Here’s the before and after using the product. Oh I just put only lipstick for me not to look dry.



If you want to have this rechargeable blackheads remover, click here for only $18.99. Also, you can use this coupon code: 2019NEW for discount. Gearbest is also offering free shipping when you purchased over $49.99 and there’s nothing to worry in settling your payment because they have cash on delivery option.

I hope this review may help you. Thanks for dropping by and reading my new blog post. Til next time! 😘


Katrina Isha