Flare Lace Romper of Gamiss


Happy Tuesday Ladies!

Finding what to wear is the hardest decision you will make in every occasion or everyday rather, even if you have a lot of beautiful clothes in your closet. You really have to think and keep asking yourself what is the best among the rest. I honestly always have a hard time, its like it took for an hour for me to decide what to wear. hahaha I think all women experience this, unless if you’re not choosy. 😜

But today, I would like to share what I’ve got in Gamiss. Such a beautiful flare sleeve lace romper. Look at the details on the lace, gorgeous indeed! This could be a perfect piece for any occasion, from casual to classy. You just simply add accessories statement to it then you are on the go; you could not ask for more! 👐

An easy going outfit that could be wear in rush hour but not on going to toilet because you’d probably be naked. You’ll like, hoping you never have to pee for the rest of the day. hahaha Anyway, overall I still love it because of its comfortable silhouettes that is made from cotton blends, polyester.

There are so much online shop out there but I kept choosing Gamiss. You know why? because of my experience, it is beyond excellent. The product itself is worth to its prices, imagine I bought this flare lace romper for only $16.79. Plus, you don’t need to follow-up the customer service because they will be the one to remind you. How amazing is that!


Ohh guys, c’mon! Never miss their Valentine sale, it is up to 70% OFF and they are giving 8% OFF COUPON. Just use this code LUNAR2017 to get it. Enjoy Shopping!
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Eastern Escapade



Hi ladies! How’s your Tuesday going? Mine was absolutely perfect.

There are so much beautiful places here in the Philippines; lots of hidden paradise that haven’t discovered yet. Today, I would like to share one of the most breathtaking sights in Cebu Province that could be found at Aloguinsan.

What’s funny about our way going to Hermit’s Cove is that we don’t know where exactly it is located, in fact we’re lost. haha It took 2 1/2 hour before we get there but it’s all worth! The place is heaven, you’d totally love to stay there like forever.

Along the way going to the resort, you can pass by first to Bojo River and the Farmhouse. Of course, because of so called curiosity we definitely check the Bojo River first before enjoying our moment at Hermit’s Cove. hehe So here you go, as expected the place is wonderful but we don’t have much time to do a tour. But if you guys planning to go to Aloguinsan, never missed to add Bojo River in your bucket list.




The people there are very welcoming, actually every weekend they have a presentation. The in-charge of the resort will sing and afterwards they do some tutorial on how to cook the “Kakanin” (one of Aloguinsan delicacies) and sell it for only 10 PHP. It’s delicious, really! Seeing their performance was really exciting, as it is our first time!


After stressful week, we deserved these outing. The best stress reliever is to out of town, and top of all the main reason why we go there is to celebrate my husband’s achievement. He is now officially a Licensed Civil Engineer, we’re extremely blessed. Even in a short time, the place where we celebrate the indefinite success can be never be forgotten.

Thank you so much again for visiting and reading my new blog post. I truly appreciate it, and in fact I’m the happiest girl today. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!



Be Sexy With Zaful Black Corset



After having a child my body and my confidence changed. I got lots of stretch marks, my belly fats and arms was getting bigger. I’m so blessed that at least my breast is kinda big which helps me alot cause if I don’t have it, looks like my body is a coca cola in can. hahaha

I am now very conscious of what I’m wearing most especially fitting clothes. I may not have rules on mix&match clothes as long as I feel like myself the most. But still, I always make sure on what I picked must suits on me very well to not look my arms really big and my belly as well.

Having self conscious is really hard, particularly on hiding belly fats. Luckily I found this
Straps Backless Zip Up Full Body Corset from Zaful which makes my life easier, worries no more! Its like I’m now confident to wear sexy and fitting clothes without hesitation. What I love the most is that this is so comfortable and easy to wear. It comes with hook&eye and zipper (in an instant it compresses my belly fats hahaha). I have this corset for only $25.49 which saves me from effort and time.

If you guys struggling on your fats, wants to be on fashion trends then you should visit and shop Zaful Online Shop, I highly recommend this cause my experience on this shop was superb from their delivery, customer service (replies your concern asap) and the quality of the item. As you check their site, there’s a variety of choices and most of it are trending. Just make sure you are ready on shopping Zaful cause I’m pretty sure you will be having difficulties on what to choose due to their lovely stuff. 😜

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A Day With Zaful

Hello guys I’m back!!! Its a very hot day in december don’t really know whats happening to the weather right now and its kinda weird though because its freakin december and its hot. Well anyhow, just figured out doing the opposite thing with some kind of resemblance of my outfit of that day.

Gray slit dress with a black choker which might be a little bit revealing matches the aura of how hot the sun it is. I can just move my body with a groove dancing in the sun.

The knee boots by the way is really really black on which its an opposite but just to give a little thrill. The game is to match the legs so boys just be still and we will get there… (Just kidding!)

And here is what I am waiting for – the PU leather zip satchel from Zaful; weighs a lot of the style. I just bought this for only $25.99 with the superb quality! (This is awesome!) It comes with some gold coated emblems and zippers shining and shimmering and I love it so much!!! It matches with the boots though haha.

So guys just a reminder, never go out of style.Matching it with confidence will surely give you a hype.

Never forget to drop to Zaful Website to shop your style, its Clearance Sale and they’ve lots of promotion . And don’t forget to follow their Facebook ➡ Click here.

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Perfect Makeover This Holiday

Hey hey hey! Christmas is coming and party is everywhere! In this blog post I would love to share my lil ideas on how to bring yourself always on the go. 😉

Each and everyone of us has their own procedure on putting makeup (there’s no rule); these are my process and the key to be gorgeous:


  1. Moisturizer – before putting anything else into my face, I always put Nivea Moisturizer Cream to not look my face dry. The purpose of putting moisturizer before applying too much product on the face is to hydrate the skin, and to reinforce the natural skin. It also protects direct sunlight and anti-aging.

  2. Powder and Liquid Foundation– after applying the moisturizer, my face gets shiny and looks like not suitable to add liquid foundation directly, so I put powder foundation all over the face, to freshen up my faced (in rush hour, this is the best option to do it cause you don’t need to wait for a minute). Then using the dupe Anasticia oval brush or any brush could do; apply the liquid foundation, spread evenly til it looks natural. Remember it needs to finish looking smooth and blended into the skin properly.  And choosing foundation must be lighter than your skintone but not too light, just figure it out. 😁


  1. Contouring – apply on these area only: for nose line, below the cheek bone, jaw area and forehead (if you have big forehead, make it wider to look small).


  1. Concealer – the purpose of this product is to mitigate the imperfection. Its uses is to cover the dark circle under eyes, blemishes, age spots, etc. Apply this under the eye in triangle shape, center of eyebrow from forehead to nose and center of check bone and jaw.


  1. Eyebrows – first and foremost you have to shape your eyebrow, draw a line in top and below your eyebrow then using the eyebrow brush blend it til you achieve the “Eyebrows on fleek”. To clean the mess, use concealer and you’re on the go. 😆


  1. Eyeshadow – applying eyeshadow is never easy, actually I find this the hardest part hehe. So here, apply the shadow from light to dark. In doing so, you have to clean off the brush before you apply for best results. (I will surely do video tutorial on my future post about applying eyeshadow cause I can’t express my thoughts via paragraph form haha.) 😉


  1. Liquid Eyeliner – oh yeah, I admit that this is one of the trickiest to master, you have to make sure that both edges are even (patience is a must! haha). Well, there’s so much ways to achieve the chic eye. All you need to do is get a tape, put it in edge of the eye lid, draw a line and that’s it.

  2. Mascara – to look lashes naturally without putting fake lashes. All we need to do is to get the thickness into the base of the lashes, wiggle mascara and sweep it outward and upward; repeat it for 2 or 3 times.

  3. Blush-on and Lipstick – color of the cheeks and lips must coordinate to create a uniform look that appears natural, no matter what shade you would like to choose.

  4. Highlight – this is to emphasize your makeup even if it’s dark. Apply it on top of the cheek, nose and upper of lips.

Here you go, I’m ready for the party. Yohoo! 😊


20161211_143125 20161211_143307

I’m not an professional nor an expert and I’m just a beginner who struggles with foundation application. The only knowledge I have is how to make myself beautiful. hahaha. The best tip I could give you to stand out your beauty is to be “Confident” and be “Contented”.

I know that there’s a lot of makeup and beauty tutorial out there who is veteran to do killer smoky eye. 😉 But somehow  I wish you still find this post useful.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. Wish you a JOYFUL CHRISTMAS AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR! God bless you all! Keep loving! 😙😙


Chunky Heel Lace Up Sandals: Banggood Review


Hi pretty girls! It’s almost Christmas and I’m so excited, you know why? it’s because its shopping time! And wherever you go, from store to online, its SALE and the discount is ranging around 50-70% OFF, some are Free $20 Coupon which all of us encouraged to go for shopping. (hurry! 😀) Hayyy.. If only I have a wallet producing unlimited cash, I would totally buy all my favorite stuff!

Ohh wait! I would like to share my new online shop discovery called Banggood. I’m pretty sure gals that you will love this shop. Why I say this? because my experience on their was really amazing; yeah, really amazing!

Reasons why I love to shop in Banggood again:

  1. Shipping – hell yes, I was surprised when my item arrived before my expectation date. Its like they never fail you when it comes to gift presence, for upcoming events, party, etc. cause they will deliver on time. (of course, don’t forget to order as early as your expectation date. 😉)
  2. Customer Service – I can rate them 5/5 because in my case I’m experiencing a minor problem with my account. I’m undecided on what to order so I picked unsure item, put it in the cart and inputted all the details including the coupon code. Afterwards, I close the browser without cancelling my order (yeah I know, I’m fuckin moron). I came back for payment but then it came out that I have to pay regular amount even if I have a coupon so I ask one of their agent what is happening, she immediately do the process; ask my account to fix it and after in just 3minutes the transaction is settled. (Amazing righ?! Yeah I know)
    And everytime I have a concern with my order, they response as soon as possible.
  3. Product – They have everything from parcel, gadgets, women’s/men’s shoes, more and more. I’m satisfy on what I got. It suits to my feet very well and comfortable to wear. As you could see on the photos, my feet looks good wearing it. hahaha I just picked the gorgeous lace-up sandal as it is to their site.
  4. Price – it’s affordable, I’m usually compare the price to its quality but this meets my standard, FABULOUS! The price is worth! I just bought this for only $22.36, see so lovely.

lrm_export_20161209_212803 lrm_export_20161209_213205 lrm_export_20161209_213555 lrm_export_20161209_204309 lrm_export_20161209_215139 lrm_export_20161209_214106 lrm_export_20161209_214520

Look at, I paired my lace-up strappy sandal with black bohemian short sleeve blouse and jeans which I find these as one of my favorite. I look classy and chic.

To sum up it all, I had a smooth and worry free transaction with Banggood. Therefore, I highly recommend this to you lovely ladies! Just in time for Holidays, so hurry up and Enjoy shopping!

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Never Too Late for Halloween: Rosegal Review


Hello ladies! How is your Wednesday going?

I just want to say that it’s the last day of november, christmas is coming, I want to spend my last day of november through halloween fashion. I could have done this earlier of the month but nevertheless the shipment of my clothes and accessories arrived yesterday but… Just in time and it is the 30th. So an idea of ending the alast day came out. For me its not too late to enjoy my outfit.

Get these outfit:

With this outfit from Rosegal, its kinda like bringing out the sense in you while celebrating halloween. Very classy and comfortable to wear (really good to wear from day to night). It suits your interests especially to long-dress fanatics.

Get these outfit:

If you want to look hip on the halloween, this is the perfect outfit for you. A combination of sweat shirt and the skull-faced bag with choker is the best match. Looks cool though. Oh wait, it is very cool! Walking around like in the park meeting some people acting and looking cool feels good some time.

These are my favorite choker that I got:

You can get those choker here:

  1.  Faux Leather Velvet Blood Halloween Choker – $1.99
  2. Alloy Floral Blood Halloween Choker Necklace – $1.99
  3. PU Leather Velvet Blood Halloween Choker – $1.99
  4. Layered Faux Leather Blood Halloween Necklace – $1.72

Its like yeah I know guys its kinda  late for me to do this but, as you know this is my idea of celebrating the last day of november. Remembering the month and having a good start of december leaving the good times behind.


My shopping experience in Rosegal was SUPERB! No regret, really! All the items I get is like ‘what you see is what you get’, I love it so much.
If you guys looking for an online shop that has trending stuff with high quality in an affordable price. I  HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROSEGAL!

You can follow them here:

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Zaful Giveaway

Hello girls! How was your weekend going? Mine was really great because I’m so excited to share this to you that Zaful has something for you!

Who wants to WIN $100 GIFT CARD? Who wants to get Zaful Coupon? Who wants Free Shipping? Who wants to save? Of course, all of us want these.

Here’s the mechanics to win $100 Gift Card:

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Hurry up lovelies! They will choose 10 lucky winners, it will be announce on December 1-3, 2016! 

For Zaful Coupon:

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And great news! Zaful is on Black Friday Sale which you can save up to 80% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING worldwide for ALL orders! C’mon girls, never miss it! 

Everyone are welcome, I would be the luckiest if you will cooperate. 😙😘

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Aislestyle: Prom Dresses That You Don’t Wanna Miss


Girls are you getting excited? Nervous? Can’t get enough what to wear? Can’t pick the best choice of dress to show the world that you are worthy of attention? Well the best option to choose from other than what you’re hair should look like, your footwear or even the makeup, is your DRESS. On which covers the greater percentage your body where girls might get amazed or jealous from.

If you are looking for an UK prom dresses that has an eye-catching experience to the viewers, which the dresses are royally sexy and very glamorous. I highly suggest Aislestyle online shop that offers high quality custom-made cheap prom dresses.

Let me give you some options that might grab your interest with style:


  • Long Prom Dresses – if you want to feel like a princess, this would be the best choice for the night. A great choice to look very classy and sensitivity in style. Very fabulous! Click here to find more design.


  • Short Prom Dresses – flirtatiously sexy, like a Moulin rouge sensation for the night. Click here to get more ideal dresses.


  • Long Sleeve Prom Dresses – conservatively chic. Just keeping thoughts within. Click here for more options.


  • Backless Prom Dresses – seductively classy. Best for attracting men with class. Click here to find more seductive dresses.

If you are making a hard choice just always remember, be yourself. Follow what your heart chooses. Inspire a lot of individuals of what you present to all. You can find these dresses at www.aislestyle.co.uk where you can find a wide variety of choices. Not just dresses but all you can find from head to toe.

What are you waiting for?! Go and Shop Aislestyle!