Wearing Black: Fab and Never Boring

There’s never go wrong with black. It looks chic and sophisticated. What I love to this color is that it can be easily paired with, it also hides my fat and I look thin (haha!). You know that feeling that you look bigger than ever? Hayyss.. Sad life, I just really need to do exercise and eat less haha. So here the thing, this is called optical illusion since black is a dark color, our eyes when seeing dark objects it look smaller.

When it comes to black dress, how can you pull it off beautifully and to look not boring? Well, It is very easy.

Here’s some tips:

1. Put simple makeup – it’s pretty simple when it comes to matching makeup with black dress, you don’t need to do lot of effort; eyebrow, blush-on and lipstick will do. If you want to put eyeshadow, then use brown mixed black on the edge of the eye eith eyeliner to have an impact.

  1. Accessorize – choose what kind of accessories you are comfortable with, chic or classic. As long as you keep things more natural and not too much. In my OOTD; I just paired with watch and choker (I love how I styled it, looks good!).

  2. Choose sandals/shoes that fits your outfit – It really depends on you, where you are more comfortable. You can wear sneakers or high heel sandals or boots even better. I wear gladiator sandal, cause it looks more stylish and really suits my long sleeve skater dress.

Once you do this, you are on track for looking absolutely fabulous and never be boring.




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Katrina Isha



38 thoughts on “Wearing Black: Fab and Never Boring

  1. Before we go toy your outfit, I so love your hair babe, that color suits your skin tone perfectly! I agree that one can never o wrong with black, I love the tips you’ve given us.You look so dashing and I loved how you styled the whole outfit, you are such a vision!


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