A Day With Zaful

Hello guys I’m back!!! Its a very hot day in december don’t really know whats happening to the weather right now and its kinda weird though because its freakin december and its hot. Well anyhow, just figured out doing the opposite thing with some kind of resemblance of my outfit of that day.

Gray slit dress with a black choker which might be a little bit revealing matches the aura of how hot the sun it is. I can just move my body with a groove dancing in the sun.

The knee boots by the way is really really black on which its an opposite but just to give a little thrill. The game is to match the legs so boys just be still and we will get there… (Just kidding!)

And here is what I am waiting for – the PU leather zip satchel from Zaful; weighs a lot of the style. I just bought this for only $25.99 with the superb quality! (This is awesome!) It comes with some gold coated emblems and zippers shining and shimmering and I love it so much!!! It matches with the boots though haha.

So guys just a reminder, never go out of style.Matching it with confidence will surely give you a hype.

Never forget to drop to Zaful Website to shop your style, its Clearance Sale and they’ve lots of promotion . And don’t forget to follow their Facebook ➡ Click here.

Thank you beautiful ladies for dropping my blog and reading my new blog post. Enjoy your shopping! 😙😙

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Katrina Isha


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