Flare Lace Romper of Gamiss


Happy Tuesday Ladies!

Finding what to wear is the hardest decision you will make in every occasion or everyday rather, even if you have a lot of beautiful clothes in your closet. You really have to think and keep asking yourself what is the best among the rest. I honestly always have a hard time, its like it took for an hour for me to decide what to wear. hahaha I think all women experience this, unless if you’re not choosy. 😜

But today, I would like to share what I’ve got in Gamiss. Such a beautiful flare sleeve lace romper. Look at the details on the lace, gorgeous indeed! This could be a perfect piece for any occasion, from casual to classy. You just simply add accessories statement to it then you are on the go; you could not ask for more! πŸ‘

An easy going outfit that could be wear in rush hour but not on going to toilet because you’d probably be naked. You’ll like, hoping you never have to pee for the rest of the day. hahaha Anyway, overall I still love it because of its comfortable silhouettes that is made from cotton blends, polyester.

There are so much online shop out there but I kept choosing Gamiss. You know why? because of my experience, it is beyond excellent. The product itself is worth to its prices, imagine I bought this flare lace romper for only $16.79. Plus, you don’t need to follow-up the customer service because they will be the one to remind you. How amazing is that!


Ohh guys, c’mon! Never miss their Valentine sale, it is up to 70% OFF and they are giving 8% OFF COUPON. Just use this code LUNAR2017 to get it. Enjoy Shopping!

Check out here the website of Gamiss online shop and click here for Facebook. Thank you

What’s your favorite stuff in Gamiss? Share it below at the comment box. πŸ˜™

Thank you so much again lovelies for dropping and reading my new blogpost. I’m hoping you enjoy my thoughts. Have a lovely day!

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Katrina Isha

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