March – Birth Month


Hi girls! How are you? Oh its been awhile I haven’t updated my blog since I have a tiring and busy February. So good to be back! 😁

Time flies so quick and here I am now, getting older and getting bigger haha. So my birthday is coming, I’m not that excited though because I don’t have plan for that day. But I’m more excited because this month is the beginning of Summer! (the most awaited)

All I wanted for my birthday is to have a good health, happy life with my partner and son, relationships, and successful career (hoping for more sponsors πŸ˜†) And of course, wishing for more money to travel a lot for this year and looking for summer.

Welcoming this month with this black maxi dress and slip-on slipper. Such a gorgeous outfit in an affordable price; I only bought this for PHP 350.00 (I save alot ☺). And I’m happy to perfectly matched my outfit to the place where we celebrated the first day of the month.

Thank you so much for dropping my blog and reading my new blog post! Don’t forget to check also my InstagramΒ @katrinaisha.

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How to store contact lenses in emergency?
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Katrina Isha


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aldora Muses says:

    WHOA! Happy birthday to you in advance πŸ˜‰ I usually don’t enjoy elaborate celebrations for my birthdays and like you, I think my wishes are pretty identical to yours *hehe

    You look pretty in this comfy maxi dress btw – hope u enjoy your birthday month!

    xx Aldora


  2. Hope you have an epic birthday month! And an even better birthday (when it comes around!)



  3. thelostmango says:

    OH! I love your photos! You are so beautiful! Just followed you! I hope you are doing well! I just posted another travel post ! Enjoy! Let’s be friends!


  4. LENPARENT says:

    You look absolutely super gorgeous! I’m in love with your dress!
    Thanks for being an inspiration!
    Much love, Len


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