Classy Chic Outfit

Ladies, have you ever felt that you take too much time when choosing an outfit to wear? No? Hmm.. I honestly have a hard time choosing what clothes to wear. I think today is such a beautiful day because I’m in the mood to wear something chic yet classy. After what feels like an eternity, I have finally chosen my best outfit of the day (not that bad at all! haha). Yes, that’s right, chic and classy!

I believe if you want to look classy, it’s not necessary to spend much money to buy expensive clothes. Classic and minimalist style makes you look more stylish, this is based on the color scheme and clothing options that these styles represent and of course, it always manages to make the look effortless and chic no matter what.

Sometimes we run out of style and you’d think that all your clothes in your wardrobe feels like you’ve already worn them. You’re already exhausted of thinking what’s really the best outfit to not look boring. (Nobody wants to look boring I guess..) But you don’t have to easily give up your own style to be classy and chic or whatever you like. It’s just really requires some effort and modifications to make you satisfied of your own style.

What I love about ripped jeans is that it can be easily matched and definitely works in a sophisticated look. So I’ve paired it with a beige handbag, beige strap heel sandal and minimal accessories: sunglasses and a rose gold watch. Simple, elegant, sophisticated and it reflects my personal style. So here you go, I so love my outfit for today!

I hope that this chic article helps you be fashionable with little style. 🙂 Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my new blog post. Enjoy weekend! Opps.. Don’t forget to follow my instagram -> @KatrinaIsha.



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