Floral Surplice Chiffon Romper

Hi ladies!

I would love to share with you again guys what I got and you know that I have been in love lately with this lovely online shop Gamiss. As you had noticed that I have post so much about their stuff. I mean, who doesn’t love affordable and high quality things? List me in girl! Of course, we ladies always prefer beautiful and unique clothes.

After a week of searching a perfect outfit for our upcoming vacation (I’m not spoiling!), I finally found this pretty romper. Such a beautiful piece and so comfortable, but the thing is it’s kinda hard for me to wear, maybe I just have a big arm! Haha. Nevertheless, look at it, girl it’s so gorgeous! I paired it with straw hat, basket bag and gladiator sandals. I tell you, Gamiss is slaying their outfits lately!

Having this summer (or spring) trendy romper is sooo good as I only bought it for $14.42 and guess what, they’re on sale for only $9.79 now! And their services, they’re superb as always! They never fail me, I expected to receive the items longer (international shipping problems) but it only took me 2 weeks to receive it; just amazing!

Definitely check out their site if you guys are looking for a breathtaking piece such as long sleeve dresses, boheminian look, swimming attire, so on and so forth.

Overall, I can honestly say that I have had a really great experience with this brand (much love). I highly recommend this to those ladies who want to go on a shopping spree! Therefore, never miss out checking their site for you to experience the warmth and affection their clothes create! Satisfying and slaaaying.

Thank you ladies for dropping and reading my new blog post!

Katrina Isha


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