Zaful Wishlist: Perfect Maxi Formal Dress For Summer

Hi ladies!

How was your summer? Mine was splendid! I had a great experience from this year (I’ll be posting updates by next week – stay tuned!). But now, we are not talking about my experience but it is about the best formal outfit that could also fit for today’s season.

We all know that summer is the hottest season and the days are the longest. We all wanted to have a vacation trip and spend the day at the beach wearing our lovely bikinis. Anyhow my summer is not just all about bikinis but also about on how to pull off formal maxi dresses at the beach.  Opps.. on this part, we will only talk about my wishlist (again) hahaha. Pardon for posting so many wishlist, I just can’t stop lol. Anyways, I have listed below dresses that are perfect for your trip.

Cropped Off The Shoulder Top And Belted Slit A-Line Skirt$23.49

High Slit Low Cut Maxi Sexy Prom Dress$43.99

Cold Shoulder Slit Maxi Prom Dress$36.99

Maxi Sheer Lace Prom Dress$35.35

Batwing Slit Maxi Dress$22.44

You could also read my previous wishlist here about Flare dresses. If you guys like the products featured above, then don’t hesitate to drop at Zaful collections.


Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it! Discover our newest summer arrivals! Here’s for you to get 10% OFF – Surprise code: ZFEN

Thank you so much for dropping and reading my new blog post. I hope you find my picks as your favorite because for me these dresses are superb! I really love to wear all of these especially my first choice, the red one.

Katrina Isha


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