La Palawan Escape

Who doesn’t love to travel with your family? Of course each of us does.Family that travels together, stays together! When I was young, never had a chance to explore what traveling feels like, there is no one that I hang-out with and not enough dime to spend haha, sad reality! So now, I did’nt let this chance pass by as I have now my hubby and son as my travel buddy.

The itinerary for the summer is Palawan. (Oh sorry we’re quite late but still we consider it. Hehe) Palawan is what so called PARADISE, such a magnificent place. In fact, Underground River in Puerto Princesa is in the list of New7Wonders of Nature. But we never had a chance to explore it, we’ll make sure next time to achieve it.

As we arrived in Puerto Princesa Airport, we directly go to bus terminal for a bus bound to El Nido. Took 5 and half hours to finally reach the destination.  We arrived to El Nido at 2:45AM Saturday; rushed to Ipil Suites and rest. After a few hours of resting finally, our tour is about to start, whoo!. Try to make a research of this place and you’ll definitely won’t hesitate to put it on your bucket list.

With a rate of PHP1400 ,it includes the permit, eye goggles,snorkel, towel, and of course the lunch! Hassle FREE! All you need to do is to prepare yourself to see the breathtaking views and beaches. Luckily, we have the most accommodating Tour Guide. *Take note that there are four (4) choices for islands to go and since this is our first time to visit El Nido, we picked Tour A includes:Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island and 7 Commando Beach).

We first landed in 7 Commado Beach ,just stayed for about 30 mins because there are more islands we need to visit.

Second stop, The Big Lagoon (we only have site seeing, as the water somewhat delicate because it is 40ft deep). Before entering, there’s a rock shaped into a Dragon and halfway in the Lagoon there’s also a rock shaped Mother Mary (God is just really amazing!). For me, this island has the most prepossessing among all islands we’d been.


We took our lunch at Shimizu Island (the 3rd island). We stayed there for 1 hour from 12NN-1PM, after we had the lunch, did some snorkeling but we had to cut the activity since we have to move to another island. But good thing we transfered to the island that has more fish and corals. Just like swimming in the aquarium.

In the beginning of the tour, We are more thrilled to do ‘Kayak’ activity. Having big arms is an advantage to paddle! Haha. Finally the last destination – Small Lagoon.We go around, swim as we could and of course cherished every moment.

Palawan has been the most vivid, amazing and favourite experience we have by far! The beauty of nature is what so called ‘The Pure Paradise’, a place where bucket lists are checked & traveling dreams are truly made of. Phew, never expected that my wish do come true, finally! hehe Thanks to my husband who brings me here.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my new blog post. I hope you find this post interesting. My next post is about the beauty of Sabang, Puerto Princesa, stay tuned!

Katrina Isha


  1. I’m glad to see this post as I’ve never been to this side of Palawan. We opted for Coron because it has it’s own airport but Puerto Princesa is beautiful too. I like your one piece swimwear, you look really good.


  2. OMG these photos are beautiful, Katrina! Sounds like an amazing vacation. You know, I was born and raised in Puerto Princesa Palawan. I’ve been to El Nido a thousand times. That place in heaven 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a fabulous weekend ahead!
    Much love, Len


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