Time Off

Hey! How are you doing? Mine was the best cos I’m having an adventurous break. And now, I’m going to share with you. 🙂

It is so nice to be relaxed for at least some time you have time for yourself despite of your hectic time. I deserved this day, as I am exhausted of my situation. As I mentioned to my previous post, since last October I was a full time mom with a full time job. To be honest, experiencing this kind of setting makes me more responsible and braver than I am before. I’m using my talent where I am good in, managing time! haha

Having a full time work while taking care of children is never easy, it is risky from all aspects but somehow I still manage it. Parenthood has been one huge adventure for me, but nevertheless I’m happy to serve my child and my husband.

Alright, let’s not talk about what I’ve been through, but instead let’s talk about our family getaway. We spend our rest day in Puerto Princesa and stayed in Sheridan for couple of days. The place was beautiful as we are. haha You can definitely find a peace of mind here because of its ambiance.

Feeling the beauty of nature, rolling in the soft white sands, swimming Clearwater beach and playing its waves makes me alive and energized. Hayyss I wish we could do this at least once a month.

We had so much fun together and the day is well spent. God is so good for us to experience this wonderful creature, such a sheer paradise! And thanks to my husband, for even he is far from us and can’t be able to help me with my situation yet still he let this day to be the best rest day ever!

Cheers to those mom who’s experiencing same as mine! We are the best, remember that! 🙂 I hope you ladies enjoy this new post. Thanks for dropping by!

Katrina Isha


  1. Awesome that you actually got to relax. We really need to with work stress and stuff. You look so fab too!

    Joy to the World


  2. I totally get you girl, managing work and home with kids is the hardest. So we deserve breaks like this. So good to see you in Puerto Princesa, haven’t been here yet and thanks to your photos I can see more of it. Will try to check your hotel too, maybe someday I will need it. Pretty nice beach costume and your son is too adorable.



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