Modern Retro Look

Hi Ladies! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. I just love to share this look as I am inspired with the retro look.

Fashion is completely vitreous and never dies off. Fashions from the past are still being worn by women across the world and pulling it off in different style. But for my taste, I always prefer a girly thingy. To be honest, I am not that fan of those punky or boyish styles.

I noticed that the new trend now we’re inspired by 50’s-80’s style and I so love it! So I tried my own style by simply wearing a white maxi dress paired with Bershka Sandal, Straw Bag and Straw Hat. In addition, I edit my photos in a vintage way just to achieve the retro look. haha So here I practice my editing skills which is not perfect at all same as professional ones but I liked it still! hehe









I hope you gals have a lovely day! Thanks for dropping by and reading my new blog post.

Katrina Isha




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