Holiday’s Special: Rosegal Review

Hi Ladies! How was your Friday? Mine was not really that bracing because of being busy all the time. But you know what I am more excited about sharing once again on what I got in Rosegal. As you’ve noticed that I have a lot to talk about because I have lots of clothes from this online.

Even before, the item I always received is really satisfying as they have that true to size fitting. Yes, I honestly love the fit of the dresses I purchased. As you could see in the photo below, the dresses was suited to my body perfectly.

Watermelon Summer Sleeveless Shirt Dress – $18.36

Mini Floral Corduroy Sundress – $17.20

The price is very affordable and reasonable for its quality! In fact, I purchased again to this online after I received my order. Here in the Philippines I barely found new trends clothes that easily, so we don’t have any choice but to order to international online shop to get what we are looking. And luckily, I found Rosegal and Zaful for a long time where I now buy my trendy clothes.

The only problem I found here is their shipment delivery, it really took so long before my order arrived. When checking the tracker, it was already received to the Philippine customs, but it took a month before they send me the tracking number and the saddest part; I really have to go to the Post Office which it is hard for me because of the conflict schedule. They’re only open Monday-Friday and I worked on those days. Before, I never found any problem about the shipment as I received the parcel on time. I just don’t know what happen now.

Overall, I will always recommend Rosegal as they have accommodating staff. They will always respond to your query every time you have questions about your order/parcel. In addition, as they have cheap prices of their products; you can buy whatever you desire, but it doesn’t cost that much.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you find this post helpful. If you have questions about purchasing on this online shop, don’t hesitate to approach me. I’m happy to tell you more on their metrics and I promise you will also love Rosegal same as mine.

Katrina Isha

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