Xavia Isha

Hi everyone! How are you? I missed you so bad! I know it’s been awhile that I didn’t update my blog. I was really busy in the past months; I have two jobs, lost my baby’s nanny (so I have no choice but to hands-on taking care of my son while working) and for some reason I got pregnant. 

My life cycle was is kinda boring, I don’t find excitement anymore. But I have no choice I need to do my daily task even sometimes I don’t want to; even sometimes I just wanted to just sleep whole day (hayysss). Sleepless nights and tiring task makes me depressed, I sometimes lost control with my emotions; I get mad or cry with no reasons due to stress. In other words, I’m experiencing postpartum depressions (well it’s normal).

Until my sunshine has come! I gave birth with a beautiful little angel. We named her Xavia Isha, since then I carried Isha as not my so real name haha! Honestly, I don’t know why I love Isha. haha

When I finally see my minime, the darkness turns into light and there’s now sparkles in my eyes, really! And now, I was like obssessed of dressing her and do some photoshoots by myself. I never knew how good it is to have a baby girl. Before I just wanted to have a baby boy but God is so good and he gave me both; handsome lil boy and gorgeous lil girl!

Here’s my love of my life!

Being a working and a full time mom is never easy, but seeing your child growing fine is all worth it than anything! 

Thanks for dropping by to my page!


Katrina Isha 


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