Santa Fe – Bantayan Island

Every year in March, we agreed with my husband to have a getaway as me and my son is celebrating our birthday. I don’t like much about having a salo-salo because for me, that’s so stressful; I’m the one who prepares the foods and clean up after, and you also need to entertain visitors. As a matter of fact, I prefer to travel adventures.

I’m a person who always gets excited in every plan I made LOL. I planned this trip for a month, searched for a resort online and the places where to go to. We stayed in Jelly’s Haven Resort, which we gladly found this resort as our staycation was perfect. Our food is remarkably delicious, we had our fresh seafoods! My all time fave! Well, who doesn’t love seafoods!

On our first day, the kids are too excited to go to beach and have fun with the sands while me is having a jet lag as I didn’t sleep as we go here due to my work schedule. Yes, I’m still working before the trip, but anyway, I still managed myself and joined the kids to enjoy the beauty of the Santa Fe beach.

On the second day, we rented a motorcycle to look around and go to “The Camp Sawi” which is one of the famous place in Santa Fe. It’s a mangrove garden, it is really beautiful there. The kids are enjoying feeding the fish, walking the trail and, seeing the mangrove trees. And going back to the resort because the kids prefer to swim than to have an island tour.

The best thing about our trip was we really have a good time with my husband. We spent at night on the shore with a cold beer and hot topics. It’s just different that we had a chit chat around the clock, no gadgets; just us sharing a random topic and laugh.

On the third day, beach day is over and time to go home. I really don’t want to go home yet grrr.. We really have a good time on this chill out day. Our next stop is Camotes, we go there on April 30 so stay tuned for our next adventure. Thanks for reading!

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