The Timeless Love Story #KatPhilthelove 4.30.2022

Wedding preparations are so stressful, you have to deal with everything; including the people involved on your special day. I didn’t expect that some of the people are like against your decisions, there are a lot of comments and negative thoughts which can cause pressure.

I believe when you are getting married, there are lots of trials that just come up. Like what we have experienced, of course, we prepared everything, especially finances. But some circumstances suddenly appear, like the budget for the wedding was used by Martin for his project (construction), and then the client wasn’t able to pay on time due to the process of their loan in Pag-ibig. Luckily, God is so good; He gave Martin a new client not just one but two who save us from this complication.

Finally! The most expected day has come, after the five months of agonizing preparations. Honestly, I don’t know what to do, my hands are shaking prior to the ceremony. I cannot bear my feelings, my agitation, or my excitement on that day. Hahaha So yes, at last! We are now officially husband and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Cabato (wee partyy!!)

Just to give an idea on my wedding vow LOL just read below, clearly, I didn’t promise to be a good wife HAHAHAHA

My Wedding Vow
“I said to myself that whomever the man I introduced to Daddy Lolong, will be the man of my life forever. I know at the very first that we are meant to be. We’ve been through a lot of difficulties in life, and we broke up for a million times, but still here we are; facing each other and exchanging vows. LOL HAHAHAHA

I can’t promise you nga di ko mag yawyaw or magminaldita because this is who I am whether you like it or like. Hehe So dawata nalang kay nagpahigot naman gyud ka naku, wa na gyud ni atrasay! But I can promise you to respect you as a whole person with your desires and needs. I promise to keep myself open to you, to let you into my innermost fears and feelings, secrets, and dreams. I promise to grow along with you, to be willing to face change as we both change, keeping our relationship alive and exciting.

I can’t promise to solve all your problems, but I can promise you; you won’t have to face them alone. Together, I know we can accomplish the life we both dream of living.

So cheers to forever! I love you so much”

I hope you like it! Til my next post 😘


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