5 Best Summer Fashion Tips You Should Know

It’s the time of the year where “beating the heat” is not an option. Beach is always the top priority when you have no other choice where to go. Of course, matching the season with outfits will seize the day. What always come to your mind is to wear bikinis. But there are a lot … Continue reading 5 Best Summer Fashion Tips You Should Know


11/11 Zaful Gingham Wishlist

Hi Ladies! I hope you have a wonderful day same as mine. Today, I am going to share my wishlist of the most breathtaking fashion trends that I sum up from Zaful. Oh by the way, as you’d noticed that I always considered Zaful as the most updated online shop in fashion trends, as you … Continue reading 11/11 Zaful Gingham Wishlist

Appealing Outfit for Valentine’s Day

Hi Ladies! How are you today? Days runs so fast and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Are you excited to spend your day on February 14 with your loved ones? Do you already have your outfit to wear for that day? Any plans where to spend and what to do? We all girls is always … Continue reading Appealing Outfit for Valentine’s Day


Hi Ladies! Days runs so fast and Valentine's Day is fast approaching, are you ladies ready for your outfit and gifts for your love ones? Me? Yeah! I'm too excited to share with you the lovely stuff of Zaful that is perfect for heart's day presence. Alright, have you done all the shopping related to … Continue reading VALENTINE’S DAY 2018 ON ZAFUL

Get your Valentine’s day game strong with Rosegal

Hi Lovely! Are you ladies are excited to celebrate Valentine's Day? Me either, actually I'm searching where to spend the night as early as now. (I am not that excited! haha) Valentine’s Day is coming soon and many of you have probably made plans for the special day. Some of you are spending time with … Continue reading Get your Valentine’s day game strong with Rosegal

Sexy FSJ Stilettos Heels

Hi! I hope you ladies have a lovely day. Now I made this post to know your thoughts about the shoes that is right one for me. I'm still not over yet of choosing the right outfit for my wedding (oh yes, I'm kinda picky haha). After looking for a dress, now I'm struggling for … Continue reading Sexy FSJ Stilettos Heels

The Busy Dizzy Mum

Hi Ladies! How are you today? It’s been a month since I last updated my blog because of the changes of my lifestyle. Therefore, I’m so happy to have new post today! Hahaha. You know being a mum is never easy, I have to strictly manage my hectic time from a full-time mom at the … Continue reading The Busy Dizzy Mum