Xavia Isha

Hi everyone! How are you? I missed you so bad! I know it's been awhile that I didn't update my blog. I was really busy in the past months; I have two jobs, lost my baby's nanny (so I have no choice but to hands-on taking care of my son while working) and for some … Continue reading Xavia Isha


Time Off

Hey! How are you doing? Mine was the best cos I’m having an adventurous break. And now, I’m going to share with you. 🙂 It is so nice to be relaxed for at least some time you have time for yourself despite of your hectic time. I deserved this day, as I am exhausted of … Continue reading Time Off

The Busy Dizzy Mum

Hi Ladies! How are you today? It’s been a month since I last updated my blog because of the changes of my lifestyle. Therefore, I’m so happy to have new post today! Hahaha. You know being a mum is never easy, I have to strictly manage my hectic time from a full-time mom at the … Continue reading The Busy Dizzy Mum

How To Style Your Guy

As a woman, outfit choices are essentially endless! I can choose from dresses and skirts, jumpsuits and blouses, and don’t forget about the shoes, purses, and jewelry! However, men’s fashion isn’t as versatile. You would think with the limited options that getting dressed would be a breeze, however we all know men could use a … Continue reading How To Style Your Guy

Eastern Escapade

Hi ladies! How's your Tuesday going? Mine was absolutely perfect. There are so much beautiful places here in the Philippines; lots of hidden paradise that haven't discovered yet. Today, I would like to share one of the most breathtaking sights in Cebu Province that could be found at Aloguinsan. What's funny about our way going to Hermit's Cove … Continue reading Eastern Escapade

Katrina Isha Fernandez

All-Black Matched With Son’s Denim Outfit

Hey guys! How are you? It’s so good to have a new blog post but this time I am with my handsome son. I’m so excited to share with you guys about our experience to our photoshoot. (haha) We are having difficulties taking these photos since my son was so fidgety, he doesn’t like to … Continue reading All-Black Matched With Son’s Denim Outfit