How To Style Your Guy

As a woman, outfit choices are essentially endless! I can choose from dresses and skirts, jumpsuits and blouses, and don’t forget about the shoes, purses, and jewelry! However, men’s fashion isn’t as versatile. You would think with the limited options that getting dressed would be a breeze, however we all know men could use a little help in the fashion department, especially when it comes to dressing for different events!

Happy to know that The Black Tux, an online suit and tuxedo rental company specializes a prom tuxedos, and suits for every occasion! They’ve also created a super helpful style guide that breaks down the dress codes so that your guy will be dressed to impressed and turning heads once they walk through the door.

If you guys having hard a time looking for a perfect outfit for your partner, never hesitate to visit and shop The Black Tux. They offer variety options that fit to your love ones. 😉

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Eastern Escapade



Hi ladies! How’s your Tuesday going? Mine was absolutely perfect.

There are so much beautiful places here in the Philippines; lots of hidden paradise that haven’t discovered yet. Today, I would like to share one of the most breathtaking sights in Cebu Province that could be found at Aloguinsan.

What’s funny about our way going to Hermit’s Cove is that we don’t know where exactly it is located, in fact we’re lost. haha It took 2 1/2 hour before we get there but it’s all worth! The place is heaven, you’d totally love to stay there like forever.

Along the way going to the resort, you can pass by first to Bojo River and the Farmhouse. Of course, because of so called curiosity we definitely check the Bojo River first before enjoying our moment at Hermit’s Cove. hehe So here you go, as expected the place is wonderful but we don’t have much time to do a tour. But if you guys planning to go to Aloguinsan, never missed to add Bojo River in your bucket list.




The people there are very welcoming, actually every weekend they have a presentation. The in-charge of the resort will sing and afterwards they do some tutorial on how to cook the “Kakanin” (one of Aloguinsan delicacies) and sell it for only 10 PHP. It’s delicious, really! Seeing their performance was really exciting, as it is our first time!


After stressful week, we deserved these outing. The best stress reliever is to out of town, and top of all the main reason why we go there is to celebrate my husband’s achievement. He is now officially a Licensed Civil Engineer, we’re extremely blessed. Even in a short time, the place where we celebrate the indefinite success can be never be forgotten.

Thank you so much again for visiting and reading my new blog post. I truly appreciate it, and in fact I’m the happiest girl today. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!



Katrina Isha Fernandez

All-Black Matched With Son’s Denim Outfit

Hey guys! How are you?

It’s so good to have a new blog post but this time I am with my handsome son. I’m so excited to share with you guys about our experience to our photoshoot. (haha)

We are having difficulties taking these photos since my son was so fidgety, he doesn’t like to take a photo; I just forced him to do it haha because he only wants to play and play. It takes so long for us to get these beautiful photos. But worth sacrifice cause I totally love every bit of our photos. We had so much fun doing it, the place was definitely beautiful, and at the same time the atmosphere comes along with us.

My son was so adorable wearing his denim long-sleeved polo and denim jeans while me wearing all black. (tricks to look thinner.. haha). Denim is definitely one of the fashion trends that will never go out of style; it is something that everyone feels comfortable with it. And Black is definitely one of my favorite colors since it matches quite well with any style and adds a sophisticated impression.

Style is a way to show who you really are, what you want to express, and not giving a damn. So nice to see that in every clothes we wore was perfectly and beautifully fitted to us without a doubt. Just always remember that Fashion that is not about the brands, but it’s about something that comes from within us.






Katrina Isha Fernandez


Being a Mom

I know that I am not a perfect mom, but roughly, I’m doing my best to become the best mom in the world and a wife as well. Knowing the fact, becoming a mom is not that easy, you have to figure out all things you have to do, if it is good or not. It is more difficult when you’re working; you really have to set your priorities.

I worked 8hrs a day so perhaps I don’t have much time to spend with my son. Everytime, I felt so guilty for not playing with and relishing my son so I rationalize my feelings by saying I choose “quality time” over “quantity time.” I choose this because I wanted to help my husband financially and I wanted that we can still support our needs and wants despite of the crisis.

I may not be a perfect mom but I will make sure that I am always there for my son most especially when he needs me. Availability means I am open and give myself willingly– without regret. If I have a busy schedule, I have to make it a priority to carve out time to give my son focused attention. I don’t want that Alvio (my son) thinks that I prioritize my work than him and let him think that he is no longer important to us anymore, no, that’s not true!

The most crucial part of ours is not having a nanny; we both have a work so we need someone to take in charge to take care of our son. It’s really difficult to trust someone that you didn’t know, but we have no choice – to face the risk. You really have to invest in exchange for their services. That’s life; there are circumstances that you leave no choice but to go to risky decision.

I’m afraid because most of the time Alvio is always with his nanny so there’s a higher possibility of attachment that Alvio will look for the nanny rather than to me. I don’t like that to happen so after work I spend time with him and value the moment. The least I could do is to always kiss, hug and told him that I love him so much.

There are different types of problems that come along to our journey, but here we are continuously fighting for a better life. Problems are not an excuse to give up instead we take them as a challenge. Despite of many challenges we encounter we’re still be able to see the sparks of wisdom, hope and joy which may lead us for stronger relationship.

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Summer Never Ends

Is it too late to post my summer get-away?! Well, summer never ends as long as every single moment well cherished. Having so much fun and excitement and had one of the most unforgettable experience encountered so far. We consider this as one of the best summer among the rest.

We’ve been in Tan-awan Canguay Oslob Cebu City, Negros Oriental (Specifically to Dumaguete, Bais, San Carlos City), Bacolod Negros Occidental, Malapascua and Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte. This entire place have a gorgeous beach most especially in Kalanggaman Island, the water and sand to be the most replenishing,  just like I’m in heaven. Hehe

Here’s some sort of photos we would like to share with you.


When summer vacation finally rolls around, I can never make up my mind-on what to do first. But the first thing that comes up directly to my mind is what to wear. haha (rock!).


Baby back ribs in Balboa Bacolod Negros Oriental.


Tan-awan Cangcuay Oslob Cebu City


Negros Oriental


Finally, my favorite place, Kalanggaman Island Palompon Leyte. 🙂


There are a lot of islands, beaches, and so much more to be visited in the entire Philippine Archipelago. Me, my son Alvio and my husband Martin will continue the – never ending journey for the summer escapade.