Ideal Back-to-School Wine Red Dress

Are you ladies excited to go back to school but lack ideas of what to wear? Or you have ideas but don’t know which one is the best? Sigh, I somehow relate to this difficulty which in fact, one of my biggest problems; like I felt troubled every day. Recently, I’m bored with my style … Continue reading Ideal Back-to-School Wine Red Dress


La Palawan Escape

Who doesn’t love to travel with your family? Of course each of us does.Family that travels together, stays together! When I was young, never had a chance to explore what traveling feels like, there is no one that I hang-out with and not enough dime to spend haha, sad reality! So now, I did'nt let … Continue reading La Palawan Escape

Zaful Wishlist: Perfect Maxi Formal Dress For Summer

Hi ladies! How was your summer? Mine was splendid! I had a great experience from this year (I’ll be posting updates by next week – stay tuned!). But now, we are not talking about my experience but it is about the best formal outfit that could also fit for today’s season. We all know that … Continue reading Zaful Wishlist: Perfect Maxi Formal Dress For Summer

Summer Vibe – Fit Flare Dress

For me summer is the perfect season of all because you can wear whatever you like and the vibe it has is something special; I don’t know why but for me it's exquisite! Recently, I’ve come acroas with fit flare dress, body-con dresses and crop tops with accessories of straw hat, headband and basket bags. … Continue reading Summer Vibe – Fit Flare Dress

Floral Surplice Chiffon Romper

Hi ladies! I would love to share with you again guys what I got and you know that I have been in love lately with this lovely online shop Gamiss. As you had noticed that I have post so much about their stuff. I mean, who doesn't love affordable and high quality things? List me … Continue reading Floral Surplice Chiffon Romper

Be Pretty On The Beach: Wishlist Edition x Gamiss

Hi lovelies, it’s a beautiful Friday here! Did you guys had experienced an obsession about something? I think I am experiencing it right now with Gamiss online shop. I can't help but to keep visiting and scrolling on the new stuff of their site. I just love checking for new fashion trends and imagining how … Continue reading Be Pretty On The Beach: Wishlist Edition x Gamiss

How To Style Your Guy

As a woman, outfit choices are essentially endless! I can choose from dresses and skirts, jumpsuits and blouses, and don’t forget about the shoes, purses, and jewelry! However, men’s fashion isn’t as versatile. You would think with the limited options that getting dressed would be a breeze, however we all know men could use a … Continue reading How To Style Your Guy

Gamiss Blue High Waist Loose Chiffon Jumpsuit

Hi Ladies! How are you? I hope you guys are having a great Friday! Let me share with you my shopping experience with Gamiss Online Shop since I'm really satisfied with their services and its affordable offers. Friday is the best day because for me it's a perfect day to have a fabulous outfit. And today, I … Continue reading Gamiss Blue High Waist Loose Chiffon Jumpsuit