11/11 Zaful Gingham Wishlist

Hi Ladies! I hope you have a wonderful day same as mine. Today, I am going to share my wishlist of the most breathtaking fashion trends that I sum up from Zaful. Oh by the way, as you’d noticed that I always considered Zaful as the most updated online shop in fashion trends, as you … Continue reading 11/11 Zaful Gingham Wishlist


Holiday’s Special: Rosegal Review

Hi Ladies! How was your Friday? Mine was not really that bracing because of being busy all the time. But you know what I am more excited about sharing once again on what I got in Rosegal. As you've noticed that I have a lot to talk about because I have lots of clothes from … Continue reading Holiday’s Special: Rosegal Review

Ideal Back-to-School Wine Red Dress

Are you ladies excited to go back to school but lack ideas of what to wear? Or you have ideas but don’t know which one is the best? Sigh, I somehow relate to this difficulty which in fact, one of my biggest problems; like I felt troubled every day. Recently, I’m bored with my style … Continue reading Ideal Back-to-School Wine Red Dress

Summer Vibe – Fit Flare Dress

For me summer is the perfect season of all because you can wear whatever you like and the vibe it has is something special; I don’t know why but for me it's exquisite! Recently, I’ve come acroas with fit flare dress, body-con dresses and crop tops with accessories of straw hat, headband and basket bags. … Continue reading Summer Vibe – Fit Flare Dress

A Day With Zaful

Hello guys I'm back!!! Its a very hot day in december don't really know whats happening to the weather right now and its kinda weird though because its freakin december and its hot. Well anyhow, just figured out doing the opposite thing with some kind of resemblance of my outfit of that day. Gray slit … Continue reading A Day With Zaful