All-Black Matched With Son’s Denim Outfit

Katrina Isha Fernandez

Hey guys! How are you?

It’s so good to have a new blog post but this time I am with my handsome son. I’m so excited to share with you guys about our experience to our photoshoot. (haha)

We are having difficulties taking these photos since my son was so fidgety, he doesn’t like to take a photo; I just forced him to do it haha because he only wants to play and play. It takes so long for us to get these beautiful photos. But worth sacrifice cause I totally love every bit of our photos. We had so much fun doing it, the place was definitely beautiful, and at the same time the atmosphere comes along with us.

My son was so adorable wearing his denim long-sleeved polo and denim jeans while me wearing all black. (tricks to look thinner.. haha). Denim is definitely one of the fashion trends that will never go out of style; it is something that everyone feels comfortable with it. And Black is definitely one of my favorite colors since it matches quite well with any style and adds a sophisticated impression.

Style is a way to show who you really are, what you want to express, and not giving a damn. So nice to see that in every clothes we wore was perfectly and beautifully fitted to us without a doubt. Just always remember that Fashion that is not about the brands, but it’s about something that comes from within us.






Katrina Isha Fernandez



  1. Aw! You guys are just adorable together! I can only imagine how fidgety your son is but your shots came out wonderfully. You both look like you had a great time and I totally agree that black is a fabulous colour to wear xx


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