Perfect Makeover This Holiday

Hey hey hey! Christmas is coming and party is everywhere! In this blog post I would love to share my lil ideas on how to bring yourself always on the go. 😉

Each and everyone of us has their own procedure on putting makeup (there’s no rule); these are my process and the key to be gorgeous:


  1. Moisturizer – before putting anything else into my face, I always put Nivea Moisturizer Cream to not look my face dry. The purpose of putting moisturizer before applying too much product on the face is to hydrate the skin, and to reinforce the natural skin. It also protects direct sunlight and anti-aging.

  2. Powder and Liquid Foundation– after applying the moisturizer, my face gets shiny and looks like not suitable to add liquid foundation directly, so I put powder foundation all over the face, to freshen up my faced (in rush hour, this is the best option to do it cause you don’t need to wait for a minute). Then using the dupe Anasticia oval brush or any brush could do; apply the liquid foundation, spread evenly til it looks natural. Remember it needs to finish looking smooth and blended into the skin properly.  And choosing foundation must be lighter than your skintone but not too light, just figure it out. 😁


  1. Contouring – apply on these area only: for nose line, below the cheek bone, jaw area and forehead (if you have big forehead, make it wider to look small).


  1. Concealer – the purpose of this product is to mitigate the imperfection. Its uses is to cover the dark circle under eyes, blemishes, age spots, etc. Apply this under the eye in triangle shape, center of eyebrow from forehead to nose and center of check bone and jaw.


  1. Eyebrows – first and foremost you have to shape your eyebrow, draw a line in top and below your eyebrow then using the eyebrow brush blend it til you achieve the “Eyebrows on fleek”. To clean the mess, use concealer and you’re on the go. 😆


  1. Eyeshadow – applying eyeshadow is never easy, actually I find this the hardest part hehe. So here, apply the shadow from light to dark. In doing so, you have to clean off the brush before you apply for best results. (I will surely do video tutorial on my future post about applying eyeshadow cause I can’t express my thoughts via paragraph form haha.) 😉


  1. Liquid Eyeliner – oh yeah, I admit that this is one of the trickiest to master, you have to make sure that both edges are even (patience is a must! haha). Well, there’s so much ways to achieve the chic eye. All you need to do is get a tape, put it in edge of the eye lid, draw a line and that’s it.

  2. Mascara – to look lashes naturally without putting fake lashes. All we need to do is to get the thickness into the base of the lashes, wiggle mascara and sweep it outward and upward; repeat it for 2 or 3 times.

  3. Blush-on and Lipstick – color of the cheeks and lips must coordinate to create a uniform look that appears natural, no matter what shade you would like to choose.

  4. Highlight – this is to emphasize your makeup even if it’s dark. Apply it on top of the cheek, nose and upper of lips.

Here you go, I’m ready for the party. Yohoo! 😊


20161211_143125 20161211_143307

I’m not an professional nor an expert and I’m just a beginner who struggles with foundation application. The only knowledge I have is how to make myself beautiful. hahaha. The best tip I could give you to stand out your beauty is to be “Confident” and be “Contented”.

I know that there’s a lot of makeup and beauty tutorial out there who is veteran to do killer smoky eye. 😉 But somehow  I wish you still find this post useful.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. Wish you a JOYFUL CHRISTMAS AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR! God bless you all! Keep loving! 😙😙



Hey y’all!

We all know that Holidays is just around the corner (ber months is coming!) and shopping for the stuff you love is a hectic choice. You don’t want to end up buying stuff on the last minute especially if the one you like is out of stock! That’s right, horrible.. What’s great is doing a wishlist because it’s an awesome thing to keep a list of your favorite items and to track their availability!

To help you ladies with lovely shopping, I have made a wishlist of the stuff I love to buy. For now, I can’t buy all of these stuff to financial setback but a girl is free to dream! I hope this article helps you know more a little glimpse about me. If you have any suggestions or you have the same items, your thoughts is much appreciated.


  1. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Confetti Set of 5 Mini Sponges $12.00
  2. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Get Glowing Highlighting Brush Set $45.00
  3. MAKE UP FOR EVER – 5 Camouflage Cream Palette Color Correct & Concealer $40.00
  4. NARS – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation $48.00
  5. Benefit Cosmetics – Hoola Matte Bronzer $29.00
  6. Urban Decay – De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray  $30.00

    What I love on these foundation/concealer brushes and sponge from Sephora is that it helps you to easy to buff and sweep product onto the skin for a seamless application. If you want to put foundation by layer, with the product sculpting complexion brush you can now simple apply it onto the skin with flexibility and movement.

    I love everything all of these products and I want that all of these products to be used on my first makeup tutorial. Soon, once I have completed my makeup tools.


    1. World Explorer Unisuit $86.00
    2. Womens Dresses and Cover Ups – Monaco Blue Long Tunic $84.00
    3. Coastal Crush French Terry Fringe Tunic $100.00

    A luxurious dress with simply effortless style from Cabana Life that is perfect to wear everywhere, particularly best for summer. What I love on this dress, is that the impact of the fabric was so comfortable and top of that All Cabana Life sun protective clothing provides 50+ UV protection.

    The style of this rashguard / one-piece swimsuit has a built-in bra with a convenient flat front zipper makes it a comfortable suit to throw on for all of your favorite water sports.


    1. Simple Style Lacing and Suede Design Sandals $34.40
    2. Lady Handbag Shoulder Bag Tote Purse Leather Messenger Bag $19.24
    3. Casual Style V Neck Short Sleeve Solid Color Romper $10.89

    This Lacing and Suede Design Sandals from Rosegal was so gorgeous! It has a perfect fit that is very comfortable to wear. You can pair this at any type of outfit (short, dress, jeans, skirt, etc.). I totally followed this shop because they always updated on new trends, everything I choose in this shop are fabulous!


    1. Apricot Scoop Neck Casual Maxi Dress $14.99
    2. Black Off The Shoulder Split Maxi Dress $25.99
    3. Navy Cold Shoulder Pleated Lace Trim Dress 
    4. White Ruffle Off The Shoulder Bodycon Dress $16.99

    I have nothing to say about all these dresses, I super love it, definitely! The styles are rare which you cannot find at the market but only at Shein shop.


    The Power of Make-up


    In my daily routine, I don’t really put heavy make-up. I just simply put eyebrow and lipstick for my entire day.  I don’t have much time to do so because I always wake up late and I have to assist my son before he goes to school. I may not have time to make-over myself but still I am beautiful in my eyes.

    It is not necessary that you have to put eye shadow, fake eyelashes, etc. when you go somewhere unless if it is an important event. Regardless of how much makeup you wear on a daily basis or how often you get your hair colored, the search for the best beauty products can be exhausting. Plus, once you get said products into your hands, you then have to figure out the most effective and easy way to apply them, how much you need, which ones will work best for you, etc. But today, I want to show you how I look when wearing a make-up.

    So now, I am using Mary Kay for my foundation and contouring, Pari for my eye shadow, Nichido for my blush, Kissproof Red Wine (#11) for my lips and in my eyelashes I’m not using fake lashes just to look more natural but instead I’m putting a Maybelline Mascara.


    This is the gorgeous outcome when I’m wearing make-up.