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I hope you have a lovely week, it’s a beautiful Wednesday here! I am really excited to do this review since I’m loving everything about shopping online, so when Sammydress contacted me for a review, I did not hesitate. They have a wide variety of lovely stuffs from women dresses to men’s wear, kid’s wear and the list goes on.

What I really like about their site is their never ending choices of fab outfits. All their products are affordable, you can buy 1-3 items for the price of $25. Also, we all know the disadvantages of buying online is the wrong size but the items I’ve got have such great quality and it fits my body measurement quite well (I am small in American size), lucky me!

I received my products quite too long – almost 5 weeks (site says its 2-3 week processing), I waited like forever but it’s worth the wait when I received them! Regarding their customer service, I was quite impressed about how quick they responded on my shipping problem. The only thing I find problematic was the shipping fee on our country, it was quite expensive and I received my items by pairs making my expense double.

Here are some of the lovely outfits I have hauled.

Spaghetti Strap Rippled Edge Dress
Size: S (30.71 Bust, 25.20 Waist, 25.98 Back Length) Color: Nude Pink Price: $12.15

Perfect! That’s all I can say with this lovely dress. You can wear this in an especial occasion like Prom, Wedding, Birthdays, and more. It is so elegant and has simply amazing design in the chest area, so beautiful.

Stylish Open Front Starry Sky Pattern Oversized Shawl Wrap Blanket Poncho Cape
Size: One-size (51.18 Length, 59.06 Width) Color: Black Price: $14.58

This Poncho type scarf is made of Polyester that is perfect for Fall and Winter. And also perfect for summer, for cover ups, because we Filipinos are afraid of sun Lol. As of my DIY above I paired it with high-waisted short and black sleeveless with round cap and gladiator sandal.

Elegant Pleated High Waist Jumpsuit
Size: S (29.92 Bust, 43.31 Length) Color: Shallow Pink Price: $11.91

Oh yes, one of my favorite, the “High Waist Jumpsuit” that is made of Polyester and Spandex. I find this jumpsuit as the most comfortable and lovely item of all. I just can’t help it, but I just love it, so much! Am I that lazy? Hahaha No its not, its just that I always have difficulties on choosing what to wear (like everyday..). But with this all-in-one, I only need to think is what shoes and bag that is perfectly matched to it.

Refreshing Ripped Denim Suspender Jumpsuit
: XS (27.56 Waist, 34.65 Hips, 46.06 Length) Color: Denim Blue Price: $15.24

This Denim Jumpsuit is also one my favorite, aside that it’s trending, it is perfect for off-duty days. Thanks to its ability, it only requires minimal styling, so you don’t need to give much effort.

Allover, I’m pleasantly surprised! As you can see, the items that I have picked are gorgeous as it is on their site. My favorite is the jumper and the jumpsuit. It seemed to be well made for the price. It’s just that the items have a really good quality compared to the price. In most common, the higher the price, the higher the quality but in Sammy Dress it is superb! It comes in an affordable price with an exquisite quality. I’m definitely gonna purchase some more!

I can honestly say that I have had a really great experience with this brand. I highly recommend this to those ladies who wants to go on a shopping spree!

You can follow them here:

SammyDress Website, click here.
SammyDress Blog, click here.
SammyDress Twitter, click here.

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Katrina Isha



  1. Such great selection of clothes from Sammy dress! Looks good on you babe! I came across their site and they have lots of trendy clothes that I would really love to wear. All the pieces were perfect! Hope they’ll contact me for a review too. It would be such pleasure to collaborate with them!

    xoxo, shaine
    Bad Habits


  2. Love both outfits especially the pink jumpsuit! It looks so perfect on you. I also love Sammydress clothing. They’re affordable yet great quality!
    Thanks for sharing gorgeous!
    Xx, Raysa


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