Never Too Late for Halloween: Rosegal Review

Hello ladies! How is your Wednesday going?

I just want to say that it’s the last day of november, christmas is coming, I want to spend my last day of november through halloween fashion. I could have done this earlier of the month but nevertheless the shipment of my clothes and accessories arrived yesterday but… Just in time and it is the 30th. So an idea of ending the alast day came out. For me its not too late to enjoy my outfit.

Get these outfit:

With this outfit from Rosegal, its kinda like bringing out the sense in you while celebrating halloween. Very classy and comfortable to wear (really good to wear from day to night). It suits your interests especially to long-dress fanatics.

Get these outfit:

If you want to look hip on the halloween, this is the perfect outfit for you. A combination of sweat shirt and the skull-faced bag with choker is the best match. Looks cool though. Oh wait, it is very cool! Walking around like in the park meeting some people acting and looking cool feels good some time.

These are my favorite choker that I got:

You can get those choker here:

  1.  Faux Leather Velvet Blood Halloween Choker – $1.99
  2. Alloy Floral Blood Halloween Choker Necklace – $1.99
  3. PU Leather Velvet Blood Halloween Choker – $1.99
  4. Layered Faux Leather Blood Halloween Necklace – $1.72

Its like yeah I know guys its kinda  late for me to do this but, as you know this is my idea of celebrating the last day of november. Remembering the month and having a good start of december leaving the good times behind.


My shopping experience in Rosegal was SUPERB! No regret, really! All the items I get is like ‘what you see is what you get’, I love it so much.
If you guys looking for an online shop that has trending stuff with high quality in an affordable price. I  HIGHLY RECOMMEND ROSEGAL!

You can follow them here:

As always, Thank you so much guys for dropping to my blog! Have a wonderful day ahead!

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Katrina Isha


  1. I totally love the vibe of your skeleton inspired dress and your gray witchy statement sweater is cute! Have a lovely weekend babe!

    xo, shaine


  2. These are the perfect Halloween outfits and accessories for someone like me – a mom who has kids that want me to dress up but I don’t want to go full on in a costume. I love the first skeleton dress because it is simple yet also a little sexy. Love that sweatshirt too bc I could probably wear that on normal days as well. Hehe. xoxo, Christine


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