Blackheads Remover Review from Gearbest

Whiteheads/blackheads are my main problem on my face. I have to spend much for my regular facial treatment and facial scrub or face cream that closes the pores to minimize the whiteheads/blackheads. I never think that there’s a way to remove those by yourself with this rechargeable whiteheads/blackheads remover from

At first try, I used it with extra pressure which my face got a dark red mark. I was little confuse on how to use it properly to remove all of these dirt or dead skin. So I tried it in a lower pressure and it works without living a mark! Hahaha I’m just being paranoid and too eager to remove them all in an instant. 🤣

Before do the procedure I washed my face first with Jeju Volcanic Lava from the faceshop, then check where is the most affected area and start removing whiteheads/blackheads. Since I used this product, I found out that I don’t need to spend much to properly get rid of blackheads effortlessly. So by then, I do my regular facial treatment every other 3 months instead of every month. I saved a lot!

Here’s the before and after using the product. Oh I just put only lipstick for me not to look dry.



If you want to have this rechargeable blackheads remover, click here for only $18.99. Also, you can use this coupon code: 2019NEW for discount. Gearbest is also offering free shipping when you purchased over $49.99 and there’s nothing to worry in settling your payment because they have cash on delivery option.

I hope this review may help you. Thanks for dropping by and reading my new blog post. Til next time! 😘


Katrina Isha


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