Stay At Home Nude Makeup Look

Hello Lovessss!! AND YES AS ALWAYS, it’s good to be back for so long I haven’t updated my blog. And yeah, I’m out of words on what to say to my new content. Lol! Anyway, today’s entry is about my makeup thingy; for the first time I’m proud to share this and glad I finally achieved it!!

Oh, I’m know expert when it comes to makeup, but being in love in art I tried to apply it to myself. And you know, I’m not that confident to flaunt my talent in this thing. Just a try and boom! I’m loving the result hehe

So here the photo of my achievement 😆(echos)

I hope you’ll like it! And if you do, I will try to make a video tutorial. I also wanted to improve my video editing haha

That’s all for now loves!! Will be back soonest.



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