11 Years Together

Last March 3 we were celebrating our 11 year anniversary, it’s just amazing that we surpass all the challenges that comes along our way. It’s been tough and there’s so much pain we’ve been through to just survive this relationship. I just can’t help but smile knowing that we’ve been together that long. What an accomplishment!

It is no secret we’ve had our tough time. Last 2019 was particularly was the hardest for us, I never thought that there is this “3rd party” involved. I don’t know, I’m not convinced still that he’s not cheating on me because I believe in girls instinct. There were days that I wasn’t sure about continuing on, I ask God for a sign which I heavily cry in front of Dear Sto Nino. But with God’s grace, he enlighten my mind and now we are better than we’ve ever been.

And now, I have the confidence that we will work through any issues that comes along and try to stop us. With these two beautiful angels help us strengthen our faith and love for each other to keep our family complete and happy. Just remember, keep God to be the center of your relationship and he will guide you and keep you strong.

Thank you for reading!



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