Our Prenup Shoot 3.2.22

Hayyeee everyone!! It’s never too late to post this on my blog. lol It took me forever to post this here, yeah, I almost forgot that I still have this blog hahaha!

You know gals, it took us 12 years to finally make this happen. Actually, my husband Martin does his wedding proposal way back in 2017 and decided to have our wedding in 2019. We decided to have a civil wedding at that time, we already processed all the requirements to finally get married. But unfortunately, there were so many unexpected challenges that come to our plans. So we decided to let God rule our plans because I believe that sometimes God doesn’t meet our expectations because He wants to exceed them. Just trust his plans and be patient.

And now He blessed us with this grand church wedding, I did not expect this, really! I always dreamed of this kind of wedding and I didn’t know what I did to bless me with this. I’m so happy and so grateful for everything! A wish does come true!

Our prenuptial photos;

Coordination of Unique Weddings and Events by Carlo Abaquita
Photo by JM Sanchez Photography Team
Styling by Geof Lagria
HMUA by Michael Narcis

In my next post, it will be about our wedding day. I will be posting everything, including the same-day edits video by The Storyline Studios. Stay tuned!


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